A*List (Signature) Wigs

Our Signature Wig Collection is absolutely BOMB. These units are sold on our sister site @alistwigz and are hand-constructed using our EGO Raw or Posh Level Virgin (not sold here). Units are hand made with sewing machine. They come in standard wig sizes, and come fully customized with bleached knots, plucked lace, cut and color, etc. 

What you see is what you get- these A*List units are washed, conditioned, and styled as shown/described. This means they wig will arrive at your door ready to rock- JUST CUT THE LACE, SIS! 

Please allow at least 12-14 business days before shipment- this allows us to make your unit with the ego-boosting TLC it deserves.

Wanna see more styles, and celeb-inspired wigs? Check out A*List Wigz now; @alistwigz, www.alistwigz.com