Ego Virgin Hair

At Ego Virgin Hair, we believe there are many sides to every woman, and we want to help you show off every single one of yours!


1. Authenticity

When you shop with Ego Virgin Hair, you should expect hair that is curated with you in mind. We aim to please, so you will get exactly what you purchase! We source our hair from small to medium companies, so that we can control what we give you: pure, quality hair, trimmed, cleaned, conditioned and ready to wear! We operate on our extensive technical knowledge of the hair game, production and industry standards and practices. This is why you will never see us use the terms Malaysian, Peruvian, Burmese etc. We only attach origins to our raw hair line, whose source is authentic and traceable at every step.

2. Quality and Longevity

Our bundles and wig units are made to last, as long as they are cared for. Our raw hair has been known to last well over 5 years! The styling possibilities are endless, as our hair is very versatile, and takes to all types of styling techniques.

3. Service

Ego Virgin Hair understands that our biggest asset is YOU! We are available to answer any and all questions, as well as provide any input or advice you may need throughout the sales process.

4. No Agenda

Hair is truly a passion for us, not just a business. We have thriving full-time careers, so we don't see the need for the ridiculous markups you get with other companies. $200 for just one bundle?! NOT HERE! It's the 21st century- Beauty shouldn't cost an arm and a leg!!

5. Shipping

We understand that beauty is serious business! We would never let you wait weeks for your hair-- that is why we don't oversell or presell. Most orders ship within 4 business days, so you can get your Glam on as soon as possible!

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