What is Raw Hair?

Raw hair by our definition, meets 3 criteria

  • Untouched: hair is in its natural state, from donor to weft.
  • Cuticle aligned: aka "remy"; cuticles are healthy and lay in the same direction, which minimizes tangling and gives hair its natural flow.
  • Unprocessed: Hair has never been chemically or mechanically manipulated, to obtain the texture/pattern.

If raw hair is steamed processed to create a texture, it is no longer raw hair. Don't be fooled by others who offer "raw" textures that do not exist in nature in mass supply. 


What is the difference between a frontal and a closure?

A lace closure is installed at the top of your crown, and extends to your front hairline. It is smaller than a frontal, and covers anywhere from 4"-6" of your hairline, depending on the size. A frontal covers the entire hairline from ear to ear. Frontals are more suited for people with average or large heads, whereas closures would be better for someone who is either not comfortable wearing a frontal, or is not able to keep up with the maintenance associated with wearing a frontal. The major pro is that when used correctly, both save your "leave-out" from unnecessary manipulation and potential chemical or heat damage.

Both products can look very realistic, and both require some "tweaking"/customization to achieve a realistic look, however most women prefer the ease of a closure over the maintenance of a frontal.

TIP: Attach a 1/2" elastic band or use discarded bra straps to the inside of your wig units to help the lace closure/frontal lay more flatly/seamlessly against your skin.

How many bundles will I need?

For most short styles 14" and less, 2 bundles should be sufficient. We recommend at least 3 bundles for longer styles 18"-24", and at least 4 bundles for 24" and above. Our bundle deals are great for this because not only do we offer many options at an unbeatable value, we offer the flexibility of additional single bundles (also at a discount) to customize your look. Check out our IG page for many looks by Enji using less than 3 bundles.

Will the curls/wave revert back after I color or wash my extensions?

Yes. This is raw and virgin hair, so your curls and wave will revert back to their original state after washing and coloring. We recommend you do consult a professional colorist for assistance. We recommend heatless or minimal heat on steamed hair extensions, as the hair pattern may loosen with repeated heat styling, just as with your own natural hair.

TIP: when coloring Raw hair, perform a patch test and use a high volume developer in shorter time increments.

How do I know which product to purchase?

We try to make our product page as descriptive as possible. Important information is shown there to assist you in choosing what will best work for you. If you have additional questions, please contact us or DM us and we will do our best to answer them all!

How do I care for my extensions?

We recommend co-washing your hair with a moisture rich conditioner at least once a week; distribute product and let sit in hair up to 15 minutes, brush with a wide tooth detangling comb or Denman brush while wet, then rinse with lukewarm water. Do this at least twice a week for curly/deeper wave textures. A clarifying shampoo prior to conditioner may be used every 10-14 days, depending on how often you put products in the hair.  A water based curl serum may be used to further define wavy and curly textures. If desired, a dry styling oil such as organ, macadamia or sweet almond oil may be used in small amounts. For best results, air dry your extensions and avoid additional products- let the hair shine in its natural state! 

Store in a cool dry place when not in use, and co-wash at regular intervals to maintain the health and vigor of your extensions.

Tip: Prolong the life of your hair extensions by converting them into wig units.

What Grade is your hair?

The hair grading system is purely for marketing purposes, and can vary from one supplier to another. For example one vendor's 9A hair could be another's 7A hair. If you purchase the 9A hair, then you likely overpaid for the same quality. Make sense? Great. We also do not use other buzz marketing labels such as Peruvian, Malaysian, Brazilian, Eurasian- just Google " Virgin Burmese curly hair" and then "Burmese women" and see the difference. In reality, it's all very simple: there is raw hair and then there's other hair.  This is why we do not grade our hair, and why you will only see us describe raw hair in terms of original source, and others according to how they are handled. 

Do you offer Wholesale hair?

We do not currently offer wholesale prices, however we do offer "semi-wholesale" deals such as our BFF Bundle Deals listed on the site, as well as on purchases of 8 single bundles or 5 wigs or more on certain products (contact us for this- serious inquiries only).